Mar 4
Good for the Gut: A Kombucha WorkshopLearn how to make Kombucha in this interactive virtual class!  Kombucha is a natural fermentation of tea containing highly bioavailable bacteria. Recent research has linked the consumption of probiotic foods with better mental health and lowered social anxiety. You’ll walk through the process with Erin as you make kombucha together.  Materials fee: $6 for a kombucha starter kit

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6pm-7:30PM MTVirtual Event
Food as Medicine to Reset Sleep and EnergySleep is arguably the most underrated of all health strategies. Every bit of research on health and sleep is clear. Lack of sleep equals lack of cognitive function, increased risk of diabetes, dementia and diseases of inflammation, weight gain, increased appetite and more. Lack of sleep impacts memory, brain performance, learning ability, retention of information, and mood.  A number of nutrients are needed to cue sleep onset and to keep us sleeping, as well as other lifestyle factors that prepare the body to sleep and ensure it has what it needs to make repairs and lower disease risks during sleep.

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1pm – 2:30pm MTVirtual Event
Apr 7 – 28
Leverage Nutrition for Weight Loss, Health and EnergyWhether your goal is to manage your weight, sugar or cholesterol or to increase your energy, vitality and stamina, this class is for you!  Learn to create a health enhancing plan by understanding the body’s nutritional needs and what other lifestyle factors are key to overall wellness.  We’ll discuss what diet is best for decreasing your disease risks (diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more) as well as how stress, sleep, your microbiome and exercise affect your inflammatory response and overall wellness.

This is a 4 week class, meeting once per week on Wednesdays for 4 weeks

Sign up through Boulder Valley Lifelong Learning –
6pm-7:30pm MTVirtual Event