Healing Frequencies

Microcurrent (low-level electric current) is a Bio-Energy Medicine that has been studied for over a century due to its ability to reduce pain and inflammation as well as stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Microcurrent therapy uses frequencies (light, vibration, resonance, and sound) and electric current to treat a variety of health conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, disc pain, and digestive discomfort. Microcurrent therapy is FDA approved and widely researched as a non-invasive strategy to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance health and wellbeing without surgery or medication.

What to expect from a session:

Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes long, which includes time to discuss your underlying concerns and issues and to setup the device. First visits are typically 90 minutes and may have more discussion than treatment time, depending on complexity of issue(s) being treated. 

​Frequency specific microcurrent treatment is generated via the Wellness Pro Plus* (manufactured by Electro Medical Technologies). Microcurrent is delivered through conductive pads to the area(s) being treated. It’s recommended that clients wear loose clothing or bring shorts/tank tops if treatment areas are obscured by your day clothes. After the conductive pads are placed on the area of concern the frequency session can start and clients will be left alone to relax (or can opt for additional services such as Reiki or Cranial Sacral therapies).

Sessions are typically very relaxing. Frequency specific microcurrent is very subtle and is often not felt or felt as subtle tingling. ​

It is especially important to be well hydrated prior to and after the session. Electricity conducts well through water. It would also be good to have a light meal and plenty of electrolytes after sessions as well.

For optimal benefits, it is recommended to receive 1-2 sessions per week for pain reduction. The number of sessions/weeks is dependent on the purpose of treatment and the complexity of the situation/condition.

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*The Wellness Pro Plus (manufactured by Electro Medical Technologies) is FDA approved to treat pain as a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator)