Image of Erin with Carrots

My philosophy is that you are what you absorb! Stress, not chewing enough, and an imbalanced body all keep us from absorbing what we need even when eating a great diet. And… most of us don’t eat a diet that’s full of the nutrients we need.

Nutritional counseling can give you the information and skills to eat the right foods that will improve your health. We will start with a small goal or two, once they become habits we’ll add more and you’ll be feeling better. To understand the root cause of your imbalances I may suggest a functional lab test or two. EZ Balance patients can also receive a discount on high quality professional supplements.

Smart Food Choices

  • Find out the importance and functions of fat, carbohydrates and protein in our diets
  • Understand what antioxidants are and get information on what supplements you may need
  • Discover the relationship between sugar and fat and your health
  • Start good family habits, learn the basics so you can provide a healthy food environment for your loved ones
  • Develop skills to distinguish between hunger and your emotions while learning to eat mindfully

Clinical Nutrition for Disease Management

  • Get tips on preventing diseases through your diet
  • Customized diets and help for preventing diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure and myriad other issues
  • Natural approaches with whole foods to reduce disease symptoms

Focusing on You

  • Walk away with an individualized nutrition plan
  • Get help identifying and eliminating your negative self-talk and barriers to succeed
  • Work through eating issues in a helpful, supportive setting