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Cyrex #7: Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity Screen


Used to assist in the early detection of neuro-autoimmunity, evaluate severity of the autoimmune response, and/or to assist in monitoring the effectiveness of related treatment protocols.

Recommended for those who…

  • Have idiopathic neurological conditions such as Cerebellar Ataxia or Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Show decline in brain function with accompanying fatigue or Fibromyalgia
  • Have Gluten-Reactivity and/or Dairy-Sensitivity contributing to neurological dysfunction

Antigens tested include:



  • Myelin Basic Protein IgG + IgA Combined
  • Asialoganglioside IgG + IgA Combined
  • Alpha + Beta Tubulin IgG + IgA Combined
  • Cerebellar IgG + IgA Combined
  • Synapsin IgG + IgA Combined

Specimen Requirement:

Collect: 5 mL red top or tiger top
Transport: 2 mL serum
Pediatric: Transport 0.5 mL serum