Nov 10
Your Microbiome: How it influences your weight, mood and disease riskOur gut microbiota, those bacteria, yeast, viruses and more that live in our digestive tract, are essential for human health. Your microbiome is actually a better predictor to health than your genetics. Your enteric nervous system, the gut-brain, plays a pivotal role in regulating inflammation, stress, metabolism, appetite, and mood. Unfortunately, we live in a microbiome and gut-busting environment. In this class we’ll review what the microbiome is and talk about a comprehensive approach to increase microbiome diversity, decrease inflammation, and decrease your risk factors for obesity, allergies, mood imbalances, and even cardiovascular disease and diabetes! Come learn about the microbiome and what’s good for your gut.

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6:00pm-7:30PM MTVirtual Event
Jan 24
Reducing Risks of Diabetes and Inflammatory Diseases:Sugar is the drug of choice for most Americans and its hard to avoid in the standard American diet.  All this sugar though is creating problems, over 100 million US adults have blood sugars high enough to be diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes, and people with diabetes have double the risk of developing Alzheimer’s! In this class we’ll talk about blood sugar, insulin resistance, A1c, and inflammation and how those diet related conditions are causing vascular damage in your body, heart, and brain and exacerbating your diabetes and dementia risks. Through healthy lifestyle choices, we can reduce your risks and keep you feeling your best longer.

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Jan 31
Eating for an Ageless Body“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64!”  When I hear this Beatles line, I keep thinking 64 isn’t old anymore, but it does highlight a fact, our nutritional needs change with age.  In this class we’ll review nutritional and wellness approaches that healthy people need to stay healthy so that we can be graceful, robust, and vital well into our golden years.   (This class will not go deep into Diabetes or Cardiovascular disease needs – those are independent, deeper classes.)

Registration opens in 2023: Learn From Anywhere Classes – BVSD Lifelong Learning (
6:30pm-8pm MTVirtual Event