Professional product lines such as Standard Process, Kline, Pure, Designs for Health, Innate Response Formulas, Thorne and others are used to enhance your nutritional status to help you achieve health and vitality and to support current health challenges. Supplements are often recommended during a nutritional consultation to integrate with the protocol set forth by your primary care provider or specialist. You can purchase those supplements or get refills here.

You can rest easy knowing that your supplements have been selected to be the highest quality and efficacy for your needs, properly stored in temperature-controlled environments, and will be there when you need them.

Emerson Wellevate Professional Lines (now inc. Standard Process!)

Wellevate is powered by Emerson Ecologics, the largest and most trusted distributor or professional grade vitamins and supplements. Wellevate has more than 300+ professional supplement brands such as Designs for Health, Kline, Nordic Naturals, Innate Response Formulas, Thorne, Standard Process and more! 

You get an automatic 20% discount off MSRP when you renew your supplements through the link below.

Standard Process Supplements (to buy from SP directly)

High-quality products that work the way nature intended. Standard Process does things differently. We grow 80% of the plants we use in our nutritional supplements right here on our family-owned, certified organic farm. We protect nutrients in their natural state for potency, efficacy, and quality.

To order SP supplements, enter your EZBalance client code into the Standard Process Patient Direct link

Note: New orders will be reviewed through a consult to ensure you’ll have success with a certain program or supplement. High quality supplements are expensive; I wouldn’t want you to have no gains by being on a supplement that isn’t recommended or have it sit in your supplement graveyard. Call or email me today to discuss your order and needs